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Basketball is a Fun team sport, we want all to be involved, have fun, improve and make life long memories!

•  Focus on playing the game, reducing the emphasis on winning, we play for the experience and play to compete.  

•  Encourage children to always play by the rules & the safety of all players comes first.

•  Always display good sportsmanship. 

•  Please encourage your child to participate, they should enjoy what they do not be forced.

•  Players and parents should act within the rules and spirit of our sport.

•  If your child is unable to attend a program or game, we understand though appreciate the courtesy of being advised.
•  Teach children that an honest effort is as important as victory.

•  The result of each game is accepted without disappointment. 
•  Please support our goal of developing coachable kids & great team mates.
•  Do not criticise your child in front of others, but reserve constructive feedback for more private moments. 
•  Remember children are involved in sport for their enjoyment.
•  Remember a child learns best by example. Applaud good play by all teams. 
•  Accept decisions of all referees as being fair and called to the best of their ability. Do not raise issues of disagreement publicly. 
•  Do not criticise opposing team members or supporters by word or gesture. 
•  Set a good example by your own conduct & behavior.

•  Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities. 
•  Avoid use of any derogatory language based on gender, race or appearance.

•  Please avoid coaching from the sideline, our coaches will do their best to guide, encourage and motivate each team.

•  Remember, this is a Fun and safe place for kids to be active and have fun, their development comes with experience.

•  Appreciate this is a team sport, each team member plays a role in the team and we encourage all players to get involved.

•  Jump is building a positive community, where we encourage and not discourage.

NOTE: A breach of this code could result in a ban on attending events conducted or in association with Jump Junior Basketball

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