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  • Can my child attend more than one lesson per week?
    Yes they can, each lesson equates to $16.50 per lesson paid in advance. Eg 2 lessons per week for the 8 week term is $264.
  • Are there make up lessons?
    Due to scheduling and child to coach ratio, make up lessons are not possible
  • Do I the parent or guardian need to remain at the lesson?
    We'd prefer it, if your child needs you during the lesson we like you to be visible ,plus kids love nothing more than to show off what they are learning to their proud parents.
  • What does my child learn at JUMP?
    Simple answer is so much. We focus on inclusion, fair play and team work. Not only will they learn and develop their skills and knowledge of the game, they will make friends and be part of a team and learn how valuable teamwork really is.
  • Can I trial a lesson?
    If we haven't proven our commitment is to kids having fun, being active and learning, then we offer 1 paid trial in the first half of any term Subject to lesson availability
  • Does my child play a game at Jump?
    Yes, we build strong foundations and start combining their dribbling, passing and positioning skills with short games in our lessons. If you would like your child to further develop their game play skills, we have our Prepare to Play trainings and our Social Competitions available to kids ages 7-12 years.
  • When do kids play competitive basketball?
    Basketball in Sydney becomes competitive at age 13, many comps start at under 13s. We care about the development of your child and their sport ensuring they can showcase what they have learnt, so we partner with local bbnsw organisations like Camden Wildfire. We want to provide a clear path for progression and will refer your child to Camden Wildfire once they are 12+ and want to start playing comp
  • Can my child play competitive before age 13?
    Yes they can. We enter 2 teams a term into JUMP Junior & Camden Wildfires Social Comp. This is specifically for kids 7-12 who want to play socially and further develop their game playing skills.
  • Does my child need their own ball?
    We provide size 5 balls for under 9s and size 6 for under 12s, though we also offer personalised, Wilson and Spalding balls with their name on it so they have ownership and it looks cool. You can purchase your personalised ball via our shop page.
  • What does my child wear to a lesson?
    Comfortable clothing and shoes. We encourage and offer JUMP personalised basketball jersey kits which are reversible so we can mix them into teams when we play. Due to popular demand, we also sell dri fit T shirts and hoodies


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