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How the Jump Junior Basketball Family began.
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As parents we were looking for a basketball academy, who would be caring and teach at a fair pace making the learning fun.

We knew that our children & others would benefit from learning and playing basketball.


We were in search of a place where they would have fun, stay active, meet friends and teammates, all whilst improving their skills and confidence.


It was apparent for us to find the ideal environment we would need to create it, this is where Jump began, for the love of our kids and the game of basketball.


Why call it Jump Junior Basketball, you may ask. Jumping is a large part of the game and something that comes naturally to most.


If we can develop their gross motor skills and incorporate the fundamentals, any kid can learn and share the love for this great sport and physical activity.

We are accredited Basketball NSW coaches, ensuring our coaching team go through the same training.


Our mission is to introduce and develop the sport to children at a young age, potentially increasing their knowledge, following and quality of the sport in our community and hopefully beyond.

The Jump Coaching Team will work to prepare our members for competitive game time, ensuring your child has the confidence and skills to excel on court. We can only hope our members learn and value the life skills we hope to teach, the value of team work, caring for others, patience, confidence and commitment.


As we are also committed to development, we partner with local representative teams and organizations to refer kids at the age of 12 if they wish to pursue their dreams and continue on to competitive and hopefully representative basketball.


In NSW competitive basketball unlike other sports starts at under 12s, we aim to ensure kids have fun learning the sport prior.


It can be just for fun or progression, most importantly we don't want the skills they have gained to go to waste.


Jump Junior Basketball strives to be more than a fun basketball academy, we want to welcome our members to our family dream and share the joy of seeing your kids play and have fun. 

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